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Community Services Division





To provide parents/guardians, educators, local businesses, churches, community groups, and other stakeholders with opportunities to improve learning outcomes for all students.


To foster positive and respectful relationships between parents and educators, local businesses, churches, community organizations, and other stakeholders through shared responsibilities, meaningful involvement, and effective communications in order to provide a quality education that prepares students for college, career and life.


Fanuatele Dr. Lealofi Seau

Assistant Director

What We Do

All four projects will provide services to ensure that family and community members participate in improving children's learning outcomes and creating a safe and orderly school environment. 

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PLC is a place for tutoring, enriching and learning resources to help students improve their academic and social well-being. Students can interact with caring parents and community professionals by sharing their experiences and gain access to virtual resources.

The program uses the Samoan language with dual language assistance to improve reading, math, and writing skills. The co-curricular programs connects young people with cultural and faith-based experiences and project-based and SEL initiatives. 

The project tackles the academic side by giving students in elementary and high school personalized curricula to close the gap in grade-level performance in reading and math.

SEL Outreach is a platform for students, teachers, administrators, parents, and local community leaders to work together to further the cause of recognizing and sharing excellent practices to model a community-based approach to social and emotional learning.

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