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Program Director Equity

Dr. Juanita Leiato-Manutulila

Program Director

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The Equity and Compliance Officer develops, maintains and administers all aspects of the Department of Education’s compliance program adequately to ensure compliance with applicable government regulations and independently recognize, develop, and implement compliance related solutions for leadership.  The Equity Officer is to ensure that equity, equality, and equal opportunity is established, maintained and fostered through the department, including all its schools. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Carry out all duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director of education.
Investigates EEO complaints; recommends resolution alternatives to management; and prepares reports, including findings of facts and recommendations.
Consults and provides assistance to managers/supervisors in the interpretation of policies and procedures, labor agreements, complex investigations and other human resources issue relating to EEO.
Works with Human Resources and department staff to identify and/or address potential barriers to recruiting diverse applicants and retaining such employees
Ensure timely processing and review of complaints by coordinating mentoring and streamlining complaint procedures.
Pursuant to established documentation procedures, records discriminatory factors and corrective actions identified through investigations of employment practices or alleged violations.
Address internal inquiries regarding equal opportunity laws and regulations as appropriate based on the specialist’s expertise; refers sensitive issues and concerns to director and/or appropriate legal staff
Plans, completes, and files required EEO reports and documentation with government agencies.
Gather, compile, analyze and interpret data necessary for external (gov’t) and internal EEO compliance, reporting and monitoring. Data may include recruitment, hiring, terminations, promotions, disciplinary actions, salaries, applicant flows and transfers
Help create, implement and maintain the Equal Employment Opportunity program
Provide clarification and advice on the affirmative action complain process to individuals alleging discriminatory practices and/or violations of policies and procedures.
Prepare written reports of findings; may negotiate solutions to complaints and recommend corrective action where appropriate.
Develop and maintain protocol of data collection, management and analysis of equal employment opportunity goals.
Meet with person involved in equal opportunity complaints to arbitrate and settle disputes.
Interpret equal opportunity regulations for individuals or employers.
Study equal opportunity, equity and compliance complaints to clarify issues
Filing a formal complaint, investigating the matter and resolving it.
Handling Equal Opportunity Complaints
Create and enforce a system for dealing with equity and compliance vilations even before they happen. Be involved in training employees regarding the system.
Implementations Practice Policies
Make sure the hiring process is free of bias discrimination.
Assuring Legal Compliance in hiring
The ECO must ensure that the department’s employees are representative of the community it serves.
In consultation with the human resources department, help ensure that there is a mechanism in place for disciplining instances of noncompliance, appropriate to the nature and extent of the deviation and ensure consistency in the application of disciplinary action.
Represent the Equity and Compliance Office, including developing appropriate agendas, reports, and information as directed from time to time by leadership.
Work with leadership to provide adequate information to staff to ensure that they have the requisite information and knowledge of regulatory issues and requirements carry out their responsibilities in a lawful and ethical manner.
Develop productive working relationships with all levels of management.
Track all issues referred to the equity and compliance office.
Coordinate as appropriate with outside legal counsel, conducting and overseeing investigations of matter that merit investigation under the compliance program.
Provide guidance to leadership and employees on ethics, workplace conduct, and compliance matters including the development and oversight of compliance training programs.
Identify high risk compliance issues and address appropriately.
Oversee the development, implementation, administration, maintenance, and activities of the department’s compliance program
Identify and communicate the need for compliance education programs and oversee the development and implementation of compliance training for all staff members.
Track all issues referred to the equity and compliance office.
Provide assistance to leadership and staff in the formulations of forms and disclose documents for compliance with all policies and procedures.
Provide advice, guidance and insight to leadership and staff regarding new/emerging compliance issues.
Keep abreast of regulatory and legal developments governing regulatory compliance.
Recommend, develop, and implement changes to existing and proposed procedures, policies, and programs, oversee revision, reparation and dissemination of new and updated compliance standards and procedures.
Maintain a comprehensive program for compliance, risk controls, and review throughout the department to ensure department-wide compliance with government laws and regulatory matters.
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